Stee Rike

I must say that it's a bit inconvenient to find that the Newcastle Metro workers are on strike today. And I'm not at all surprised that - at the time of writing - 100% of the half dozen comments posted on the local newspaper's website are attacking the strikers. In fact I'm so unsurprised at this that I wonder why it's even interesting, why it would be regarded as news. Dog bites man stuff.

I have a look at twitter instead. So at the same time as half a dozen comments have arrived at the Newcastle Journal and/or Chronicle, I find sixteen tweets. This in itself is interesting, but it's early days and it's impossible to infer the death of newspapers from such little data so early in the day.

Not to mention having no idea how to definitively find the tweets (I went for newcastle metro strike). Another combination of search terms might produce a completely different result. There's no consistent hashtag in use, but there are several #strike, one #Newcastle and one #metrostrike sprinkled amongst the sixteen tweets. The last one seems the most usefully specific, but it's only going to work if the hive mind suddenly agrees to use it. Innit.

Unlike the chronnie commentary, most of the tweetery is neutral, just reporting the fact or asking about how things are affected.

Of those that take sides at all, most are against. The tweets seem - on the whole - more temperate than the mouth-foam found in the newspapers. There are excited antis amongst the tweetage but I have to wonder how many are totally serious. One of 'em says

The metro workers are incredibly selfish!!!! Doing a strike when Coldplay are on at the Stadium and I need to be in Newcastle >:(

And I do rather wonder at the specific self-centredness of that remark. Is the tweeter 'avin' a larf? It must surely be a joke, mustn't it?

Another tweetpair (selfishly?) express concern that their attendance at another concert, Springsteen's on the 21st - two weeks away and under no threat at all - may be compromised. Maybe they just haven't been properly informed.

Only one tweet indicates something as positive as support

supporting the metro strike in #Newcastle today. Everyone should have a right to strike. #metrostrike

Should I conclude that the above tweeter - with her methodical use of appropriate hashtagging - might be taken more seriously than those who rail against an action by (and on behalf of) many? I believe I might.

Let's have another look at an anti

So the wankers that work at the Metro are going on strike tomorrow. THE DAY I WANT TO GO TO NEWCASTLE. Fucking hell, I'm not happy!

I mean I don't want to get all Spocky or anything, but I don't see any evidence that its utterer cares about anyone other than herself.

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