The Colour of Singapore ...

... appears to be white. I have remarked upon this before - that it is not evident to me how hot a place is when seen just by a photograph, or a sequence thereof. I daresay if you could photograph the vibrating air of a heat haze then you'd be doing it, but that would surely be a movie? EIther that, or something indistinguishable from an out-of-focus picture.
Singapore - which is where this picasa album from Gillian is depictuate - is one of those places I've always wanted to visit, ever since I was a teenager.

But somehow I've never got out of Europe. Now that's an odd way of putting it, as if somehow described an intention achieved. The reality is simply clunky wording. Well, I'm in a hurry.

The caption to this particular image is "These are planted everywhere, but we're not sure what they are - maybe a hippeastrum?", so all you botanists out there, lend a hand. There are other plants and flowers to identify too.
Seventy pictures - the first half of which are mainly of the city, and of its whiteness (until you get to the older temples where the colours universalise) - seem to me to show somewhere rather cool. But I know it must be warm. The second half comprise the botanicals.