Corporal Clegg

It's difficult for a person over a certain age to imagine anyone in government being bothered by, or listening to, any kind of protest over what they're up to. We've heard it all before and nothing ever happens. We're such a docile bunch in this country and tend to roll over and take it.

After all, what's the worst that can happen to them if they press on? Not a lot. Maybe, in a few years, some of them won't be re-elected. I can imagine them - and their PR managers - thinking a crocodilian 'boo hoo' to that. There's bags of time to manage the spin required to ensure the electorate's forgetfulness. Assuming society hasn't collapsed by then, that is.

A clearer case of "I'm alright Jack" hasn't been this blatant for some time now, but why should the dozen or so millionaires in the cabinet behave any differently? There's no incentive for them to behave decently. They aren't in any physical danger and can afford to live in places ring-fenced (both actually and metaphorically) off from the rest of us.

It makes a certain amount of sense, after all, if you think about it. "But they are so many - the debt can be distributed amongst them and they'll hardly notice. There are so few of us - we'd notice and it would hurt. We are cultured, sensitive and entitled, we feel pain more easily than the brute masses. Clearly we should engineer for the least pain per individual.". It's kind of logical really, when you put it like that.

Is it not strange that los poderosos are in favour of communism when it suits them?

By the time of the next election, if any single member of the current government complicit in this grand-theft-autocracy (and I include those 'only taking orders') is re-elected then all I can think to say is shame on you, electorate, you're your own worst enemy.

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