So now you're a cartoonist already?

Pretty soon after I posted stupid dialog #1 and stupid dialog #2 I received some messages.

It's quite exciting when somebody praises your contribution to humanity. OK, so that's overstating it a bit. But then you open up a second message. It's quite disappointing when you see almost identical words, both asking you to consider visiting a certain website.

Solid Video Dude You have talent
To:lemoutan To:lemoutan
Hey how's it goin', Sup,
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Is it weird that I get so upset when I see videos like yours getting so few views when there are so many crappy videos that have millions of views? I just wish that more people would watch new and original videos like yours instead of the garbage they seem to.
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Anywho thanks for making such great videos, they really are a great source of entertainment, keep 'em coming! Have a good one. If nothing else make sure that you keep making those videos. You really have a knack for it and I know I'm looking forward to more in the future. Thanks a bunch.
-Colleen -Tammy

Although it must be said, "Tammy" is a little less pushy, as the antepenultimate elision of the free trial offer shows. Or, come to think of it, maybe "Tammy"'s offer isn't free?