Set to with PayPal

Here's a snippy and slightly snooty little email I sent to paypal. It's difficult getting in touch with them this way because - as seems typical with those who deal with money - they'd rather you contacted them with a formula email where they control what you're allowed to talk to them about. Anyway, let's see how it goes from here. I start off pointing out that I already understand why they send out reminders. But what's the betting that the boilerplate response will simply echo this anyway?
Whilst I appreciate that both you and I will benefit from having my credit card's details - specifically the expiry month - up to date, I have to point out that sending multiple reminders to me can achieve nothing. The card company's policy (in this case ******) is to send out new cards only two weeks before expiry.
This would be little more than a minor irritation were it not for the fact that you also block me from actually using your service whilst you await the card expiry date update. This is just dumb. The card is still viable, but your policy makes it unusable in its last month [in fact it's even worse. It expires end of April and I was prevented from using paypal in mid-March].
I repeat - there is nothing I can do about this until the new card arrives, a matter outside my control. You are losing business because of this policy of yours.