Goddam Lying Journalists

Moderately intrigued by an old headline "I can't believe I married Ralph", purportedly said - it's in quotes and everything, this is a quote, right? - by Alex Kingston in 2006, I go over to the article in question and, after reading a bit of it, find what she actually said was - and I 'quote' (does that phrase have any meaning any more?) , "I can't quite believe I was ever married to him."

That's not the same thing at all, Nick Curtis, and either you or your editor (I accept you may not have come up wth the headline) ought to know better. Even without the immediately preceding context (which was "I feel no connection to him or to her now. It's been so long"), the difference in the available nuances and connotations to "I married him" [what an idiot I was, jeez!] and "I was married to him" [um, yeah, we were married once, like] is huge. But that's what you were relying on wasn't it?

I feel sucker-punched.

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