Box Brownies

In a shoebox, in my late Mother's house, are a few frames of 120 film taken of us as kids in the mid to late 1950s. But there are also a few - maybe three dozen (so far) of the previous generation, my father's early life with his elder and younger brothers. From when he was about 6 years old (I guess) in about 1933 until he's about 18 or 19 and in an army uniform (national service) just after the war. One of the frames can be dated to the month, December 1936, as it carries a shot of Danny, my late father's late elder brother, with a bicycle upon which is mounted a bit of coronational festoonery. Clearly not Edward VIII since the display is of a married regal couple, therefore George VI and wife.

1930s and 1940s

There's also a shot of a minesweeper, the HMS BYMS 2213, which helps date that frame to somewhere between 1943 and 1946. But there are no recognisable (to me) individuals in it. There's a shot of my father in army uniform, showing a street name of 'Brunswick Road, Hove 2' which is clearly placeable but not dateable (except I must presume he's at least 18 years old, and therefore it's post war, but only just).

Other frames contain little bits of evidence to help date or place. There's a motor vehicle with the registration TY 9625, for example. TY is a Newcastle vehicle registration letter pair, so that helps a bit. Is it possible to discover whose car it was? It looks expensive.