From The Graphic in 1911, the year that began with their coverage of the Siege of Sidney Street, is a barely noticeable report at the bottom of a page somewhere inside the magazine. On his way to the South Pole is one Robert Falcon Scott.


Great Britain - The Members of the Expedition


The Leader, Captain Scott, with his wife


Eskimo dogs coming aboard

Under the three pictures is the text:

The British Antarctic Expedition left London on June 1 and proceeded to New Zealand, where the final preparations were made and the Manchurian ponies and Eskimo dogs taken on board the Terra Nova. The expedition sailed from Lyttleton for the Antarctic on November 26. The main attempt to reach the South Pole will be made in October, and if all goes well the expedition will return in March, 1912.

We are indebted to the Editor of the Weekly Press, of Christchurch, New Zealand, for the pictures of Captain Scott's Antarctic Expedition.

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