José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, 1914

The Graphic, 25th April, 1914. There's a spot of fighting in Mexico.

The Militants of Mexico
Villa's First-Class fighting women and their work


The three pictures above are individually captioned as

A victim of the executing squad
Burying the dead in lime
The day after the battle

The text says (as is typical, bad guys are bad guys until they're not - it's a history thing):

As becomes a bandit brutal in words and deeds, whose crimes range from rape to highway robbery, from burglary to murder, Pancho Villa, the Mexican rebel leader, has many admirers among the fair sex, and his army includes a number of Amazons. Neither Villa nor his adherents have any objection to posing to the photographer; indeed, the enlightened brigand is reported to have entered into partnership with an American kinematograph company to provide thrilling scenes for moving pictures, agreeing not to allow any rival film company to be represented on any battlefield within his jurisdiction.


Full page spread is over at moby.

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