Lighty Lighthouse is Lighthousy

From The Engineer, 9th December 1881. They had just finished building the new Eddystone Lighthouse. It was the fifth in the series and is still going. Nobody lives there any more - it's monitored and operated remotely. They have a picture of it alongside the smaller, previous one - Eddy IV, if you like.

It's odd of the text to say that it's similar to that adopted in the original - presumably they mean the previous, since the original (Eddy I) was XVII century looking, flourishy and rather smaller. OK, they were both towers with lights at the top, but ...


WE give above a view of the new and old Eddystone lighthouses — taken from a photograph published by Messrs. Long and Co., Plymouth. The last stone was laid by Mr. Douglass, the engineer of the work, in May last; two thousand two hundred stones from the De Lank quarries and High Tor have been used, weighing altogether 6000 tons. The view shows the general features of the tower very clearly. The system of construction is very similar to that adopted in the original structure.

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