The Revolution in Paris, after the Prussians left - having recently become Germans - did not go well for the populace. There's this picture, from 8th April 1871, on page 312 of volume 3, issue 71 of The Graphic. Although many of its drawings were, I don't believe this one's from a photograph. Mainly because the artist has signed it at the bottom right. But secondly (despite its 'nineteenth century engraving' Erscheinungsbild) because it looks so modern, like something by the recently dear-departed Jean Giraud. Are they children in the bottom right? And is that an upturned grand piano that they're hauling away as if they can put it to good use? I will admit to fiddling with the colouring though. The original image is monochromatic, but the gimp's untweaked colour correction has produced something rather interesting.


The Paris Mob - A Barricade in Paris

Later on in the year (issue 80, Saturday 10th June) the insurrection has officially failed, the winners are writing the history and executing the losers (cf previous post). And the graphic reportage (page 532) seems conventional and distant - looking more like the output of a state-appointed official war artist. But I may be cherry-picking for effect, so do beware.


Street Fighting in the Rue de Rivoli

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