Unfriendly Eagles

On the first of August, 1914, just a month after their front cover of Franz Ferdinand's assassinationThe Graphic's ads are business as usual. You are invited to take continental holidays:


The eighty-four year old Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary, one of England's great friends just a few months ago, is photographed with the German Kaiser Wilhelm on page 190.


The Teutonic Allies - The Kaiser and the Austrian Emperor

A week later, we see the cover for the edition of August 8. For this week, and the following one, most of the ads have been pulled.


Some of the pages devoted to advertising have taken on notices. Here's one of some interest to fans of Arnold Bennett:


The adverts start to return by the time the month is out. Care is taken to address our legitimate concerns about custard.


Household Economy in WAR time

There is no shortage of BIRD'S Custard. There is plenty for everyone. We are working hard to supply the exceptional demands of the Military and the public.

And popular support for the war is demonstrated with photographs of ordinary folk cheering the upper classes.


The Royal Family and the War - cheering the Prince of Wales

Enthusiastic demonstrations were held in front of Buckingham Palace both on Monday and Tuesday evenings. On Tuesday evening, while the country was waiting to hear the effect of the British ultimatum to Germany, the King, the Queen and the Prince of Wales appeared on the balcony and repeatedly bowed in acknowledgement of the acclamation of the crowd. His Majesty is very deeply affected by the war, not only as a monarch but as the father of a cadet, namely, Prince Albert, who is on board the Collingwood.

Now, that chap behind the toffs, so young and enthusiastic. I see pictures of long-gone people, striking pictures like that, and wonder what happened to them. He's dead now of course.


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