It's Saturday, October 20:
And this is what's on the TV, this very evening, exactly 50 years ago to the day:

Thing is, it's exactly 50 years ago - and Brucie's still on the box. Turns out 1962 is the same as 2012, October 20 being a Saturday in both these years. So - what else was on this commercial channel, in the North East of England, that evening? There was - later - the imported:

With the delightful Poncie Ponce - a Spanish name if ever there was. Many will remember the series from ABC in the US; a decade or so before Hawaii-5-0.
Another chap still around is the (now) 90 year old Patrick MacNee who, 50 years ago, was teamed up - pre Mrs Peel - with Honor Blackman, also still with us.


Remember when TV went to bed with the rest of us? Before midnight:


It would appear, however, that the Reverend Henry Bentley died in 1983 at the age of 75 or thereabouts.