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Ad, carried in the Courier and Evening Gazette of London, in 1813. Nice to see we've moved on in 200 years.


To all persons in want of ready money and to those who have money to lay out.

This Office is established for the purpose of Registering every description of Proposal to raise Money and is resorted to daily by Monied Persons, whose business it is to make advances upon different kinds of Properties and Securities. Persons having money to lay out may always make considerable advantage of it at this Office without risk or trouble; and persons desirous of raising Money, may probably be immediately accommodated at this Office, when they could have no chance of accommodation at any other, as it is the resort of many persons who lay out their Money in speculative, as well as real securities, for a proportioned advantage.

Proposals are registered, without names — charge for Registering, One Guinea. It must be almost unnecessary to say, that the most inviolable secrecy is preserved at this office. Hours of attendance from ten till five. One of the principals may be always seen from one till four. All letters must be post-paid.

Apply at No. 2, Duke-street, Adelphi.