Vegetable Oil

Which is to say, snake oil from the plant kingdom. There's a nice list of things that this cordial will cure. And of course it's safe to use - unlike the competition's product. Another one of those ads from two hundred years ago.


To those afflicted with Stomach and Bowel Complaints

Cornwell’s Oriental Vegetable Cordial, — The original Inventor of this Unequalled Cordial, who was a Physician of the first eminence, and resided many years in the East Indies, where those complaints are peculiarly endemious, in the course of very extensive practice, at last discovered the effectual remedy he was so long in pursuit of, which has ever since been found singularly efficacious in all disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, Acidity, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, or Indigestion, Debility, producing Diarrhea, Windy Disorders, Bowel complaints, Griping Pains and all Diseases of the Intestines. The removal of which, in their primary principles and confirmed tates, the Oriental Cordial is most happily and effectually adequate. It produces none of those injurious effects attendant on drastic purgative antibilious medicines, such as Pills, Elixirs, &c. and which in most, if not in all cases, may be said to increase the complaint, by the debility they leave on the stomach and bowels. Sold wholesale and retail by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church—yard, London. Price 4s, 6d. per bottle, and a larger size, containing six small bottles £1. 2s.