Big Bird Bake

Having encountered an intriguing report in the Newcastle Courant of 8th July, 1721 (taken from an earlier one, from Naples, via the London Evening Post) about an identified flying object near Messina, I found myself unable to discover anything, online, about any such volcanic eruption in that part of the world at that time. Perhaps it didn't happen. To be sure, no eruption is reported - just an alarming display - but I can't even find a modern definitive reference to Mont Gabel. Did it change its name?

Anyway, for what it's worth, here it's:

And, for the machines, the text (compleat with my emphasis, and its own long eſſes and teutonically capitalised nouns):

From the Evening-Post, London, June 29.

Naples June 3. Our Regency have thought fit to augment with ſome Companies of Militia, the Number of Troops employ'd in guarding the Coaſts of this Kingdom, in order to keep out all infected Perſons and Goods, moreover the Magiſtrates of Health cauſe the Directions they gave ſome Time ſince, to the ſame Purpoſe, to be obſerv'd with the utmoſt Punctuality. A Letter from Meſſina; of the 28th of laſt Month, give an Account that a Bird of an extraordinary Size, was ſeen on the 18th of the ſaid Month, hovering in the Air, about Mont Gabel, and that after having continued flying in that Manner for above 4 Hours, he drew nearer to the Mountain, and diſappear'd ſuddenly; 'tis conjectur'd that the Sulphurous Vapours of that Volcano ſuffocated him, that ſeems the more probable, becauſe the Day following there were ſuch prodigious Eruptions of Fire and Flame from the ſame, that the Inhabitants of the Neighbouring Towns and Villages, were extreamly frighted.